Brad Scott August 29th and 30th

Brad Scott of Wildbranch Ministry will be teaching on Erev Shabbat, August 29th and on Shabbat, August 30th, 2014.

Brad’s teachings are truly “meat and potatoes” messages.  His witty and humorous delivery make him one of the most sought after Hebraic Roots teachers of the day, and we consider ourselves very blessed to have him come up to our neck of the woods.  Considered by many to be the modern day Paul, Brad brings a much deeper understanding of the Scriptures through his insightful knowledge of Hebrew.

Brad’s ministry is based upon Romans Chapter 11. YHWH has reached out to the nations and grafted wild branches from among the nations into the natural olive tree. The natural olive tree is the covenant people of YHWH, beginning with the seed of the woman in Bere’shiyt (Genesis) 3:15. The natural and wild branches share a common root and both take their nutrition and sustenance from this very old natural tree.  As wild branches, we have been grafted in, contrary to our nature that has been mixed with the ways of the nations.

The organized Christian church has, for two millennia, cut herself off from her roots. The modern church has, instead, planted an entirely new tree. This tree has rejected the fruit of YHWH’s feasts, His Shabbat, His Torah, His dietary laws, and even His Name.

The WildBranch focus is to restore the ways of our Creator to His people by teaching the Old and New Testaments from the language and culture of the people who penned them. The New Testament is crammed full of idioms, phrases, and concepts known to the observant Jew (Yehudim) living in the time of Yeshua’s ministry, but unfamiliar to modern readers. The Scriptures must be read through the eyes and minds of the culture in which it was written. (Information pulled from wild

To learn more about Brad, you can visit his website HERE.

The marketplace will open on Friday afternoon from 4PM to 8PM.  (This will be your only opportunity to buy material from Brad as the marketplace will not be open on Shabbat.)  All of his materials are also available on line.  You can browse his teachings HERE.  I have enjoyed every single one on of Brad’s teachings that I purchased.  His teachings are well worth their price as they contain incredible amounts of research, details, and revelational understanding.

Friday, August 29th

Marketplace: Open from 4PM until 8PM. (The market place will not be open on Shabbat)

Praise and worship will start at 6PM (45 Mins)

Brad will start speaking at 6:45PM.

BCCC will be closed at 10PM

Saturday, August 30th

1st Session will start at 10AM (2 hours session with 30-45 mins of praise and worship)

Lunch break at Noon (bring your own bag lunches, snacks, and drinks as the BCCC kitchen will not be used during this event)

2nd Session will start at 1:30PM (2 hour session with 30-45 mins of praise and worship)

At 3:30, Brad will open the floor to for questions and answers (1:30 hours)

At 5PM the BCCC will be closed, as Brad has to prepare for his departure early the next morning.


Again, please feel free to bring drinks, snack food for your family, as well as a bag lunch should you choose to stay during the lunch break.  While the BCCC has a kitchen, it will not be used for this event.

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A love offering will be collected during each session to help cover expenses and bless Brad for coming to the mountains of Western NC and blessings us with his wisdom and understanding.  Please pray and seek God’s will for what you can donate towards Brad’s ministry.


Brad will be speaking at:

Brasstown Community Civic Center

255 Settawig Rd.

Brasstown, NC 28902

For more information, please email us at


Shalom and blessings in Him,

Steven and Pam Gardner

Whole House Ministries