Why “Whole House”?

For over a decade we have heard about the “two houses” of the Hebraic movement.  Unfortunately, during our time in the Hebraic we’ve seen more damage done that promotes division than restoration.  Most “two housers” long for the restoration of Israel.  The joining of the northern and southern kingdoms back to the point of unity is how most of us would define the fulfillment of restoration.  Sadly, many of us have forgotten the key element in becoming “righteous”.  Righteousness was reckoned unto Abraham for one, and only one thing…his faith.  Our brothers, regardless of their “house” have placed their faith in the God of the Bible.  While both camps have some things that may not be accurate, both camps rely solely on their faith in their God.  It just so happens that the Jesus of the NT and the YHWH of the OT are one and the same.  I am not suggesting that a person who denies Yeshua as their savior is redeemed, but I am saying that the same person’s faith is accredited to them as righteousness by YHWH.  One says they needn’t keep God’s laws to be “saved”, but they have unwavering faith in Jesus.  The other refuses to believe in the Jesus of the NT as they understand that He taught against the keeping of God’s law.  Yeshua came doing away with religion and traditions of men, not the Torah.  It is your faith in Him that causes you to be deemed righteous before God.  Those of us who have been in the hebraic tend to forget that our brothers still in traditional church still have the faith needed in Messiah to be redeemed.   We have to stop poking people in the eye while we attempt to show them where they are wrong so that they can see the truth better.  We need to accept our brothers with love for their faith and their walk, and put down the need to be right.  Whole House is about this kind of interaction and love.  Its about the unity of our faith in our Redeemer.  Our faith in Jesus/Yeshua.  Our brothers, and sisters, who have committed their heart to Him are just as righteous.  May we never boast or elevate ourselves in thinking our righteousness is better or more evident.  Our righteousness is as filthy rags if we think it comes from our obedience.  Our righteousness comes by our faith in Him, and then and only  then is it true righteousness.  Anything else is pride.


2 thoughts on “Why “Whole House”?

  1. Melissa,

    I am so sorry that I am just now seeing your email. I’m not sure as to why it wasn’t forwarded to me. If you are coming back to Murphy, NC you can reach me at 828-200-2351. Shalom and blessings in Yeshua. Steve

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