Meet WHM

Steven Gardner, 52, is a father of 7 who has been walking in the Hebraic Roots movement since 1998.  Steven was raised Southern Baptist, and after the Army he came back to the faith after God’s loving corrections took hold.  After attending a Shavuot festival in NC, he found a new fire and zeal for the Word.  The move of the Holy Spirit (Ruach HaKodesh) gave him a new perspective and appreciation for the simplicity of God’s loving message.  In 2002, Steven met his beautiful wife, Pamela, while attending a Paul Wilbur concert.  He invited her to a “Bible study”, aka an erev Shabbat Torah study, and they were married 7 weeks later.  Over the years, he has been blessed to facilitate local Torah studies with Gates to Zion, Restoration of Israel, and other fellowships in North and South Carolina.  His approach is one of basic “large brush strokes” that paints a picture of the Word as one homogenous work without contradiction.  He believes that any apparent contradictions can be explained away by understanding the culture and context in which the Word was written.  By studying God’s Word from a Hebraic mindset, he has found that the Old Testament (Tanank) and the New Testament (Brit Chadashah) are in perfect agreement, and that both have invaluable lessons on how we can walk out our faith in the God of the Bible by keeping His loving instructions (His Torah).

Pamela Gardner is a 42 year old mother of 7 has been married to Steven Gardner since 2003.  They met at a Paul Wilbur concert at her pro-Israel pentecostal Baptist church…huh?  Don’t paint Baptists into a box.   They married only 7 weeks after meeting.  Pam became an Emergency Room nurse after they were married, but she is now a senior SRNA at USC School of Medicine and will be a CRNA in the spring of 2022.   An accomplished singer, she has been blessed to lead worship at Gates to Zion, Restoration of Israel, Living Wells, and other fellowships in North and South Carolina.  Her commitment to God’s Word, His Messiah, and how they impact her and her roles has helped her minister to her family and countless women.  Her heart’s desire is to teach her children the ways of God by sharing the truths of Torah with the understanding that comes from the Ruach HaKodesh.  Her first love, Yeshua, has blessed her with a very discerning spirit that empowers her to stand boldly in her faith.



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