What is the “New Covenant”?

For years now I have taught that YHWH’s commandments all boil down to love.  From one to two, to ten, to 613, to 1050.  His commandments, more accurately described as His instructions all teach and lead us on how to keep the covenant through loving God and loving our neighbor as ourself.  I hope to clearly and concisely detail for you, my revelation on what the New Covenant actually is according to the whole of Scripture.

It seems we as a body of believers have lost our Berean gene and have not searched the Word for ourselves.  I’m not pointing fingers as I too have fallen into the mold of sit and listen to the teacher because he has a degree from such and such seminary or yeshiva.  When we abjugate our responsibilty to study the word for ourselves to another, we have subjected ourselves to errors that can have eternal consiquences.