Whole House Ministries’ goal is to bring awareness to the the division within two groups of people who hold the Bible as their standard.  Today Christians and Jews both love the God of the Bible.  The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is the God of both religions.  However, to list the differences between these two groups would take a great deal of time and effort.  There are over 20,ooo different Christian denominations, and there are over more than a half dozen major sects in Judaism.

Whole House Ministries seeks to bridge the gap between these two groups of people by removing the one primary factor that promotes division….religion.  According to Wikipedia, “A religion is an organized collection of beliefs, cultural systems, and world views that relate humanity to an order of existence.”   The difficulty WHM faces is found in the vast differences that are found in the respective beliefs, cultural systems, and world views of these two primary groups of people.  To focus on these differences may only serve to widen the gap between them.  Instead, WHM seeks to find common ground while permitting each group to retain its core beliefs.  Interestingly enough, the common ground is found in Scripture.  The source of the division is as well.  By going back to the root of the problem, and by making each “house” aware of the root, WHM hopes to start the healing process and to be a part of God’s restorative process.

Whole House Ministries is a “Two House” Hebraic roots ministry that focuses on the unification of Israel.  The restoration of Israel starts with one knowing how they “fit in” to Israel.  Understanding how one is grafted in as described in Romans 11 is a great starting point.  Again, this points to the original divisive point mentioned earlier.  Articles on this subject will be the central theme of site.

Basic definitions and understandings:

Yeshua HaMashiach-“Jesus the Messiah” in Hebrew.  Because Yeshua was of the Tribe of Judah,  He is Jewish.  Not by religious definition, but by race.  Confusing the Jewish race with Judaism is a common error.  There are many who call themselves “jews” today that do not practice Judaism, but they are still Jewish.  For example, a person born of jewish descent may practice Buddhism.  They are still a jew, but not in the sense of a religious definition.  The inverse is also true.  A person who is born without a jewish lineage may practice the keeping of God’s commandments as defined in the OT.  Many would say this person is trying to be jewish because he or she is practicing Judaism, but this too is faulty logic.  A person cannot change their ethnic heritage.  However, anyone can join themselves to God’s people, Israel, through their faith in the God of the Bible, Yeshua.

Two House-In 1Kings 11-13 we read about a man named Jeroboam.  He was of the tribe of Ephraim.  As the first Ephraimite king over the northern kingdom, the 10 northern tribes, he continued the pattern set by Aaron when Aaron made the golden calf which resulted in the destruction of the 1st set of 10 Commandments.  Aaron, being persuaded by the people, made a golden calf to represent YHWH (the LORD), and he declared a holy day to worship YHWH.  Neither of  these actions were commanded by God, and as such, they were an abomination for they countered the very commandments all of the people heard BEFORE Moses was sent by the people to hear from God as they were frightened by the sound of His voice. (Ex. 20:19)  The people had heard the 10 Commandments prior to their sending Moses up the mountain, thus they had heard that they were not to make an idol nor worship it.  So here we see Aaron set the pattern of religion.  Doing things that are not commanded in the name of worship are not “kosher”.  The significance of this point becomes evident when we look at the actions of Jeroboam.  As king of the Northern Kingdom, also known as Israel, the house of Joseph, and collectively as Ephraim, Jeroboam declared that his “subjects” no longer had to go to Jerusalem for the commanded feasts, but that they could go to newly established alters in Bethel and Dan.  Its interesting to note that Jeroboam established new places for worship, a new priesthood, and a new holy day (holiday) all in the guise of being for YHWH, yet none of his actions were in agreement with the Word given by God.  His actions went against God’s instructions (Torah).  Jeroboam detailed the pattern we find in Christianity.  This division between the two kingdoms still lives on today.  Emphasis is now placed on Rome, the Catholic priesthood, and holidays other than those found in Leviticus 23.  It is WHM’s desire to help those seeking YHWH’s ancient paths find the biblical way to walk out their faith without religions and traditions of men.  By our faith in the Messiah of the Old Testament, we can walk out our love for God and our neighbor as we see detailed in the New Testament.


Statement of Faith:

We believe redemption is spiritual, and salvation is physical.  One is redeemed when they ask for forgiveness for their sin, and have the Blood of Yeshua applied to their life.  They have been redeemed from the curse of the law.  The curse is death resulting from the application of the law of sin and death.  A transaction takes place when one is forgiven of their sin.  Forgiveness came at a very high price.  The only thing that can pay the price of sin is the atoning blood of Yeshua (Jesus).  By putting our faith in His sacrifice, we are redeemed.  We are bought by the Blood.  To be redeemed means our sins have been forgiven, and washed away.  Most people use the word ‘salvation’ to describe this process.  However, salvation is more easily understood as a physical event.  For example, when the children of Israel stood on the banks of the Red Sea with the Egyptian army reigning down on them, Moshe (Moses) declared, “be still and see the salvation (yeshua as in Yeshua) of YHWH (the LORD).” Ex. 14:13 The Israelites had been redeemed from death when the faithful applied the blood of the lamb to their doorposts.  They were saved from physical death when YHWH caused the sea to split for their safe passage, AND they experienced deliverance when He caused the sea to crash down on Pharaoh and his army.  Whole House Ministries believes that one is redeemed by grace through faith, and that one experiences salvation and deliverance in the physical.    Righteousness was reckoned unto Abraham for his faith, not his works.   Yeshua, Jesus’ name in Hebrew, tells us that unless our “righteousness exceeds that of the scribes and pharisees”  (the keepers of the Word), then we will not inherit the kingdom of God.  Our righteousness does not come from our doing the Word, but through our faith in the Author of the Word.  Because we believe in Him, we obey Him.  “If you love me, keep my commandments.” Jn 14:15.  Whole House Ministries believes Yeshua is the Giver of the Word, the Word made flesh as detailed in John chapter 1.  As a result, we believe He is the same yesterday, today, and forever more.  His Word is the same yesterday, today, and forever more.  His commandments are the same yesterday, today, and forever more.  Obeying His commandments is how we physically demonstrate our faith, our love for God, and our love for our neighbor.

We are sanctified by the application of the Word to our lives.  For example, when we learn that stealing is a sin, we have gained knowledge, but not forgiveness.  When we repent for stealing we are forgiven.  Repentance means to turn away from sin, and to walk in it no longer.  This results in a person being sanctified, or set apart, from the ways of the world.  The commandment of “thou shalt not steal” has born fruit in the repentant heart of a follower of God, and that person is sanctified with respect to stealing.

Whole House Ministries believes all of God’s Word, Old and New Testaments, teach us how to walk out the sanctification process.  With our faith in the Author of the Word as our motivation, we are able to apply all of God’s commandments to our daily lives.  This results in our sanctification not our being redeemed.  Again, redemption is a gift from God for those who put their trust (faith) in what He has done for us on the cross.  The ultimate goal of keeping God’s commandments is the physical demonstration of our faith, that being love.  Love for our God and love for our neighbor.

Love for our God and love for our neighbor brings us back to the purpose of WHM…the unification of Israel.  No longer will we be two houses, divided, but one unified Bride.  Ultimately, God will accomplish this goal, and it is WHM’s desire to play a part in the process.  May the bride be spotless and united in Him.




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