Mike Clayton Sunday Jan. 18th “Yeshua-Son of God-Son of man”

Sunday January 18th, 2015 at the Brasstown Community Civic Center, Mike Clayton of Joined to HaShem will be teaching on Yeshua-Son of God-Son of man.  This foundational teaching is necessary for any believer in Messiah.  To learn more about Mike Clayton and Joined to HaShem click HERE.


Brasstown Community Civic Center

255 Settawig Rd.

Brasstown, NC 28902

Doors open at 12:30PM

1st Session: 1PM

2nd Session: 3 PM

4:30-5:30 Question and Answer


A love offering will be accepted at the meeting for Mike Clayton to help compensate for travel expenses.


Attendees are welcome to bring snacks and drinks for themselves as the event is scheduled between lunch and dinner.  Coffee and light refreshments will be provided by Whole House Ministries.

For more information call Whole House Ministries at 828-200-2351


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